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needs pop! is the studio for startups focused on organic social and performance marketing creative. we create scroll-stopping stills and short-form videos for cpg's leading brands.
creative of camera and balloon by needs pop! from social media agency growthbuster
needs pop! is a creative studio from award winning social media agency growthbuster

with experience working for six of inc. 5000's fastest growing private companies in the past six years, we know a lot about creative. more importantly, we know the role it plays in growing brands.

our first goal is to balance education and entertainment while preserving relatability for organic social. our second goal is to produce tactical and precise performance marketing creative that drives net new users to your business at a lower CAC than baseline.

our process


we'll have a creative kickoff where you deliver your brandbook, guidelines, things you love and things you hate.


we'll create a moodboard and editorial calendar for your approval.


once your product arrives at our studio(s) we will order props, cast models and produce as needed within your selected scope.


we will deliver all assets in a neatly organized folder.


revisions vary based on selected package

cpg marketing puzzle pieces

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